Equirab (Anti Rabies Immunoglobin )

Equirab (Anti Rabies Immunoglobin )

Equirab 1500 Injection is derived from the blood of horses. It neutralizes the virus at the wound site within a few hours. There are two types of Rabies Immunoglobulin (RIG), human (hRIG) and equine (eRIG). Both have similar clinical effectiveness in eliminating the virus at the wound site.

Equirab 1500 IU Injection is an equine-derived rabies antiserum which is used to protect against rabies infection. It is administered in individuals who are suspected of exposure to rabies after contact with a rabid animal or an animal thought to be rabid. It is administered along with the first dose of rabies vaccine.

Side effects
Major & minor side effects for Equirab 1500 IU Injection
Injection site reactions
Stomach pain
Muscle pain
Unusual tiredness or weakness

Uses of Equirab 1500 IU Injection
Rabies Prophylaxis


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